Judging by articles the legitness of a product

As the above title suggests – one of the biggest mistakes any article marketing method makes is to avoid the pain in writing original articles and instead opt for copy-paste or applications like article spinner. What i myself have noticed is thathalf of such articles start with “You think 6 packs is easy to make ……..” and end with “Get this blah-blah product and get cut”. Now frankly half of you reading this blog think “Yes it makes sense – 6 packs in 1 week”. What you don’t realize is that people only try to scam you or rob you of your money and don’t even seriously work for it. This is one of the arts of article marketing. To write articles which detail your problems and lure into a non-existent remedy which could cure your illness.

How the hell do these marketers or “health experts” get these kind of articles? The answer is simple – from sites like wikipedia, ehow, health forums etc. Now the nest question : How come no one notices this or takes any action – because they do not NOTICE IT !!!!! Yes this is what my title says : how to find articles which actually are legit.

So what is the reason no one finds out? Are the articles so good – Hell NO!!!! Are these people paid members : In some cases yes. Do they do some trick to hide the fact that their articles are copied – YESSSSS. And the trick iam referring to is article spinning. It is a simple trick which i will show you from a small example :

This is a wordpress blog and hello to all from an article marketer jakunte

Trick : (this is a (wordpress.blogger,weebly) (blog,site) and (hello,hi,good morning) to (all,each one,everyone) from an article marketer jakunte)

Result : this is a blogger blog and hi to each from an article marketer jakunte.

VOILA – two different articles with absolutely no difference. Now do you see the power of such a simple trick. So next time you read such articles make sure to find a simple difference based on comparison of 2-3 similar articles and you will find a legit article.

Maybe this is spun too? 😛